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Document Scanning

Create digital copies of physical documents

Create digital copies of your physical documents

Our document scanning system allows clients to create digital copies of their physical documents which can then be viewed on a screen. Document scanning is performed in our fully equipped facility using the state-of-the-art OPEX Falcon machinery which allows us to handle documents of all sizes. We combine our modern machinery with sophisticated scanning procedures and records management solutions to deliver a service that is both efficient and reliable. Document scanning is becoming increasingly popular as we find many clients need to access and/or transfer their records quickly.

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Working with OPEX offers us a way to combine our knowledge in the secure document storage space and their best of breed technologies to deliver a premium product to our growing client base.

Edward Finn

Manager, Allen Removals

Our Scanning Process

Once we receive documents that are marked for scanning, our experts immediately begin the relevant preparatory work. Once prepared, documents are then carefully scanned and converted to digital format, with extra care taken to ensure all scanned documents are clear and easy to read. After we have scanned your documents they can be returned to you or, alternatively, they can be stored in our fully equipped storage facilities. If you have no need for the physical copies of your documents once scanning has been complete, we can securely dispose of them for you.


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