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Our Clients

Our Document Management Clients

Effective records management is a service that most companies can benefit from. At Document Storage Ireland we work with clients throughout a wide variety of sectors, tailoring our services to meet a variety of needs.


Healthcare industries tend to handle a lot of sensitive patient data and have to adhere to strict compliance regulations with regards to the handling of sensitive information. Working with hospitals, medical centres and consultants, we provide effective record management solutions allowing our healthcare clients to focus solely on the care of their patients.


A proper records management system is vital for companies involved in the financial sector, whether you are an insurance broker or an investments manager. By employing Document Storage Ireland you are guaranteeing that all sensitive documents will be handled professionally and in line with current regulations.


Document Storage Ireland offers a professional document management service to our legal clients that is in keeping with all relevant retention regulations. We work with small and large legal firms providing tailored records management solutions that allow firms to focus solely on their client needs.


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Our clients in the construction industry benefit greatly from our effective records management solutions which provides them easy access to important information regarding past, present and future projects.


At Document Storage Ireland we understand the complexities involved in managing a growing business. Our SME tailored document management solutions help growing businesses to effectively manage all of their records and free up much needed office space which can then be used to further grow the business.

Public Sector

Public sector businesses face many of the same records management challenges the private sector businesses face, as such, they benefit from a professional records management solution. We work with a range of clients throughout the public sector, providing tailored services to meet a variety of demands.

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